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Port: 27018
Password: No
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Added On: 24.03.2017, 16:35 PM
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Average: 7.00 players
Uptime: 93%
Pathfinders Ungoverned
Live Players List
# Name Score Time Played
1 BernieSanders. 0 23m
2 gameboisaga 0 23m
3 EVRE 0 23m
4 Kimber4268 0 22m
5 hunter1g 0 22m
6 FOXTROT 0 22m
7 Born2EndLives 0 19m
8 Admiral 0 19m
9 Sir_monspeet 0 16m
10 redcrayonnn 0 15m
11 EggrollWulf 0 14m
12 Myachizero 0 13m
13 saether 0 13m
14 Cody 0 5m
15 Balorian 0 2m
16 Jæger 0 2m
17 Tito420x 0 1m
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