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New Update !!!

Added On: 2018-07-10 16:40:14
Dupa cum am promis s-a publicat un nou update la platforma Gametrack, acest update contine urmatoarele modificari in Website:
1. Fixed PayPal gateway - Fixed bug when you were trying to remove VIP from a specific server
2. Fixed bug when you were trying to update server using an empty description
3. ARMA protocol has been fixed
4. Fixed bug when you were trying to add a TeamSpeak server without query port (custom message added)
5. Fixed bug "A non well formatted value encountered" from players list
6. Updated Codeigniter version to 3.1.9
7. Updated GameQ library version to 3.0.14
8. Database charset has been updated to utf8mb4_unicode_ci
9. No message was showed when you were trying to authenticate with bad credentials
10. "Server is offline!" message is now more verbose
11. VIP servers are shown first on "/servers" page
12. Added Top 5 Vip Server's

Enjoy !!


Added On: 2017-04-26 17:39:04
Dorim sa va aducem la cunostiinta schimbariile provenite cu noul Update al platformei noastre.
1. S-a adaugat in lista de jocuri tipul: Minecraft Pocket
2. S-a adaugat optiunea de a sterge serverele adaugate de Dvs din profilul de utilizator.
3. Design nou Versiune 1.0
4. Adaugat sectiune de Stiri (Noutati) pentru a fi la curent cu toate modificariile in platforma.
5. Remedieri diferite buguri in platforma.
Urmarim un update important al acestei platforme, nu stim exact cand anume se va intampla dar acesta v-a fi anuntat.
Daca aveti si alte ideei folositoare acestei platforme v-a asteptam cu un e-mail pe pagina de contact.
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