Q: I added a server, but doesn`t appear. What can I do ?

A: If you can see your server on your profile page, but you can`t find it on servers list, that means isn`t approved yet.

Q: Q: Why some Sa:Mp server display players, but mine, doesn`t ?

A: In this case, we have 3 possibilities:

  • 1 - Server is offline
  • 2 - Your server has more than 256 players online (Sa:Mp servers are made to return max. 256 players)
  • 3 - Refresh page. Maybe you browser has cache.

Q: Can I use banners on my website ?

A: Yes ! This feature is free like all features of this website.

Q: Why I can not vote my server after 24 hours ?

A: Voting system is Unique and the system does not reset the counter after 24 hours.

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